Adeau Time!!!

Counting the hours to settle down,

Twinkling stars are scattered around,

And this year will move on,

Just in moments, just in few more breathes.

It was not like every other year,

Silently gone behind the pages of calendar,

A thunder year full of happiness and grief,

A series of rough patches with wound & healing,

A significant lesson not to be forgetten ever.

Thoughts mingling in my senses,

Takes on the chapters left behind,

People come and go yet memories last,

The vibes your heart craves remain within.

And We start afresh,

A New phase with New rhythm swinging,

Let go of the past of loathe &

Let the heart shine again.

Let the soulmate meet and tune into one,

Let the love blossom in new color and flavours,

Let the life be full of gratitude and blessings,

Let’s touch the sky and break the ceilings.

Love you all always and forever ❤️❤️

Wish you all a very happy new year ❤️❤️❤️

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