Aspiration : Desire or Accomplishment !!!

Life is all about instances we face and we create, sometimes intentional and accidental at times. We all are in a constant process to find happiness in our own ways. I am an individual who is normally very good in being an “Agony Aunt” and advise people to overcome their life battles.But when it comes to apply wisdom on my own self, I realise the intensity of my struggle to the core.

As a child, we all have faced this question, “What is your aim in life?? What you want to be when you are grown up??How you gonna achieve your goal etc etc”.

Answer is quiet simple,everyone replies which profession they will choose and which line of study/course they are gonna follow to accomplish their goal.

We are full of dreams in childhood and we tend to peruse what we feel like. We are blunt about our goal in life. However,things change with time and we lost our simplicity of thoughts once we are adults.

My question today to every grown up ones;

What is your goal in life ????

What do you want from life???

What does destiny mean for you???

Personally, I myself struggle to answer any of these questions.

I have many friends, closed and intimate, Hi-hello and acquaintances. As I am a good listener, people confide in me about their life stories. The more I know about their lives, more these questions pop up in my mind.

In this era of social media, reality of life is hidden underneath. We see only the camouflage version of an individual which is far beyond the actual picture. People say and portray things completely opposite of what they do in real.

I am neither a “Clairvoyant” nor a “Counsellor”, just a keen observer of things and people. I analyse my own behaviour pertaining to incidences and try to learn the lesson out of it.

In recent times, I came across few unexpected circumstances happened around me. More I know about facts, more I am surprised to see the actuality. The happy go lucky image of individual seems to be a complete myth at times.Everyone is fighting their own battle spontaneously wearing a “Mask” for others.

“Life is simple if we want to make it simple”

As I feel, it’s easy to say and advise rather than implementing on our own. With years of experience in dealing struggles of my own and others, I am sure about some underline facts about millennial issues.

“We are confused about the definition of happiness. We try to find happiness in things and places which makes us challenge. We take for granted the happiness around and within us. Most importantly, we know and understand, yet in a continuous race of upgradation about everything in life.Our own expectation hurts us the most always”

I am trying to figure out my answers and to know where I am heading in my journey. It may take a bit of time to conclude but I am sure about the happy ending 😊😊

Do you feel, you are capable of answering my basic questions now !!!!

What is your goal in life ????

What do you want from life???

What does destiny mean for you???

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