Mesmerising South Africa: Part 2

Words felt short to dignify the amazing nature of South Africa. This land is full of scenic beauty, from mountain to sea, from clouds on table top to picturesque greenery all around, just to name a few.

Wildlife holds a significant role in this country’s natural wealth. Abundant of many wildlife reserves, the country is home of many rare species as well. “Big 5” i.e. Lion, Leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo are the main attraction for tourists here.Apart from them, I could also see many endangered and rare species and birds.

Safari destinations can be divided into two main categories: State owned parks and private game reserves. State owned parks are relatively cheaper and open to everyone whereas private ones are targeted for luxury travellers.

I visited both “Wildlife Reserves or Game Reserves”here and fortunate enough to see 4 out of “Big 5”. Few famous reserves I visited are Kruger national park, Addo elephant national park, Tsitsitkama national park and Kwantu private reserve. Glimpse of my wildlife Safari trips :

Kwantu private reserve
Kruger national park
Addo elephant national park
Suspension bridge at garden Route, Tsitsitkama
Tsitsitkama national park

Also visited “World of Birds”,a unique park just outside Cape Town that’s home to more than 400 different species of wild birds

White Peacock
Scarlet Ibis

Another prime attraction of cape town is “Boulders beach”which is a home to African Penguins. No visit to Cape Town is complete without a chance to meet this famous colony of Penguins. It was really amazing to see the penguins play, lie and talk to each other from such close proximity.

Boulders Beach, Cape town

Hope you enjoyed the post !!! Have a great week ahead, Stay blessed and keep smiling 😊😊😊

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