El Amor ❤️

Ross & Rachel,the famous couple from the series “Friends” and my all time favourite too😊

Euphoria of love was away for a while,
Storm was sour and Hearts were fragile.
Clouds of gloomy sky mellowed again,
Happiness drizzles sweeping off pain.
Addiction of clinginess of our hearts,
You & I are never again gonna apart.
Intimate kisses and cuddles all over,
Nights of long chats holding each other,
Hey my Ross,Your Rachel is here !!!

Rejoicing nostalgia;
Reminiscence days of old,
The mid nite twilight near sea shore,
Gazing the star studded sky twinkle,
We are bonded forever like a true miracle.
Love was tuned over your soulful lyrics,
Fun over spirits and every silly fights,
Sharing moments from days to nights,
Immersed deep in each other’s eyes.

This is a beautiful dream,
I dnt wanna wake up anymore,
Let’s paint the canvas of our love,
In all pretty shades of hues.
Plotting our names in city’s every corner,
Let’s begin our immortal story again ever.
Passion allures our hearts again so near,
Hey my Ross,Your Rachel is here !!!

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