Escape Artist !!!

Long quiet nights utter unfinished tales,
Whirlpool of my reflection floats in waves,
Withholding a pause,
Unspoken fuming emotions,
Stories of gone days,
Portraits of future,
A twist of fate or remember the lesson.

Sound of scrambling thoughts around,
Shaking my soul to the inner core,
Mind whispering heart not to get fooled,
Am I doing alright or always wrong.
At times love,
At times scratching heart,
And at times the morals learnt,
Poems write me more often,
Reminiscing instances of now and then.

Wish I could wake up one day,
Mind wiped clear,
Start over in a new way,
Learning to bury the history within,
Not letting it’s claw to my life sway.


I do wanna pour my heart out again,
Inhaling the fresh aroma of love and sane.
Diminishing each and every odds throughout,
I wanna rhythm in beautiful tunes once again.
Strokes of my heart beats will come alive,
Trusting pure intentions relieving all pain.

Love is never fake though people are,
Feelings are always real even though rare.
Sparkle in my brown eyes will gleam again,
I will be his “home”in sunshine and in rain.

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