An Unfinished Mid Nite Tale !!!

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People are in rush from front and behind,Coolies are busy in putting the luggage at proper places of passengers and kids are jumping in joy of getting into the train at one shot, without falling. 31,32,33 ok, I am looking for my coach assigned and yes, finally here I am, inside the coach of Rajdhani express at New Delhi station. It’s been a while since I had my last train trip, infact it’s been a while I am in India.
Hi, I am Ryan, landed in India few hours back from NY, USA. Ryan, is my American name, just a try to fit in,originally I am Ratnesh Kumar from Ranchi,India. Working in A Class MNC in NY since 5 years made me the “Most Eligible bachelor” in India. Yes, I have come home to meet all the girls my parents shortlisted and select “The One”, in a month 😄😄😄.

As I already said,it’s been a while, I had my last train journey. So after my long hours of air travel from US, as already planned, I am here inside the berth of Rajdhani Express. It’s 4PM now, will reach my destination by tomorrow early morning.The train is still at Delhi station and people are scattered all over the platform. Ohh I missed these all, really feeling good to be here, my country, my people, a fantabulous feeling, deep and overwhelming. I am back to India almost after 2 years, I guess.

“Not this one, next one it will be” female voice interrupted my streaming thoughts “32 it is, here, see it’s here” A girl standing infront of my berth and calling someone, another girl popped up “oh yeah, this one” they both giggled. I looked at myself, am I looking funny??? The first girl helped the second one to put the big trolly inside the seat and checked the seat no again. They both sat and started talking in some language, I dint understand a word. I am now glued to the magazine I bought on my way, just pretending and trying to understand if they are talking about me. The train whistled suddenly, it’s gonna start the journey now. The first girl got up and hugged the other one, the second one is in tears and they said good by to each other. Ok, she came to see off her friend, I understood.
The journey started, train took speed a little and the girl started making herself comfortable.The others two seats are empty, may be someone will come later on.
Well,I am never so good with gals, I really donot know how to behave around them and mostly I get very nervous. Since the time they entered, I was not noticing any of them and buried myself on the pages of the magazine. As the girl was busy in settling herself, I took the advantage of her ignorance and made a quick glance of her. She’s wearing a denim dress, well fitted but comfy looking, a stylish fossil watch and a beautiful bracelet, 2 rings on beautifully painted nailed fingers, seems like bit fashionista.I moved my glances to her face now, slowly, over my magazine pages. Trust me on this, my interaction to ladies may be minimum, yet I have seen beautiful gals from all over the world, from blonde to black, from Spanish to Russians, to name a few.But this girl, my eyes got stuck on her face like magnet sticks to iron in a second.Such a beauty, brown eyes kohled with dark Kajal, pointed nose, clear complexion without a single mark on face, one mole on right cheek and one on lips.Long wavy brown hair with few highlights and front flicks. Perfectly shaped pinky pouts with a hint of lip gloss,I feel.She’s wearing hardly any make up, still stunningly beautiful. I am trying my best not to stare at her, yet my eyes refuses to listen to me. She’s searching something in her purse, suddenly looked up towards window and then to me. Now she’s staring at me with eyes wide open, did she realise I was glued to her, did she find it offending, why is she still staring??? “Excuse me, would you mind to give me the magazine for couple of minutes please” I sighed off, she’s looking at the magazine, not me staring at her. “ I just wanna read the article on “Nirvaya”.
“Sure” I don’t know what is “Nirvaya” at all. I handed over the magazine to her and immediately googled in my mobile about Nirvaya. Its the pathetic rape case happened few days back in Delhi, the barbaric act of few devil minded human leading to the death of an innocent girl and the protests happening all over India for justice,I could not read more.
“It’s inhuman, these Murderers should be hanged publicly, then only society will learn the lesson” the girl suddenly burst out of anger. I looked at her, anger is fuming all over the face.I can understand, yet she looks so pretty even with angry face, her ears and cheeks became red, like gals put something called “Blush” on face for this pinkish effect. She looked at me, “Sorry, I got carried away, just I can’t stand by such things and I feel like if I wish I could do something” A humanitarian, I thought to myself.
“I agree with you, it’s pathetic and it has to be stopped anyhow, not sure if punishing them to death will solve the purpose. May be we have to find a solution to treat such issues from the root itself” I replied.
“You are right, we need to find the root cause and solution will come along with. What do you think the root cause may be?? She has that curious look. “I feel, though we say a lot about women power, we don’t think women to be equal to us. Men still feel they are strong and can handle a women at any point of time.”
“You are right” she interrupted me, “ I have the same feeling, men want to control us physically and emotionally. And more the women competing them at every field, they want to rule us more.Over the repeated physical and mental abuse,women has learnt to be emotionally unavailable too now. When women are becoming emotionally intelligent,men try to dominate physically. Well, that’s my view. Anyways, good to know your honest opinion”she smiled at me and sipped some water from her bottle.
“Hi,I am Ryan by the way” I could not let this chance to go away from introducing myself.
“Ohh Hi Ryan, nice to meet you” She shook
her hand with mine, soft pink hands and long chocolate colour painted nails.The feeling resembles touching soft toys.Did she tell her name, I asked myself, did I miss her name while I was busy feeling her palms, shit, can’t ask her now again. I felt dumb.
Dinner was served by rail pantry. We are not talking anymore, she’s eating on her seat and me on mine. She’s busy in talking on phone in that strange language(Sorry !!)with someone while eating. I finished my dinner,set my bed and opened the magazine again, hoping she will ask something else from magazine now( silly me !!). She too finished dinner and preparing to sleep, she has put her headphones on, may be listening songs and about to sleep.
I have started feeling kind of restless now. As per my train schedule, the train will reach my destination by early morning, at dawn indeed. If we both sleep now, I will loose all opportunities to talk to this amazingly beautiful girl, ever. My brain is trying to connect all intelligent dots, what I read in my relationship books, how to make interesting conversation with stranger girls, my lessons learnt from my engineering friends, nothing is working right now and I am slipping it off and off, “Excuse me, do you have water other than this Rail Neer( water bottle supplied by railways)”
“Yes, I have mineral water bottle with me, you may take this one” I handed her over a sealed bottle. My heart thanked both Indian railways and Mineral bottle company, thousand times.
“Which language you were talking, sorry but I just want to know coz I never heard of it”
She smiled again” That’s my mother tongue,I am not from Delhi.”
“Ohh, you are studying here in Delhi??
“No, I am working here in an IT firm, going to my native,you are working in Delhi too?? “
My NRI( Non resident of India)show-off time, “ I am from NY, working in Microsoft, came to India today morning only, now going to my hometown”
She smiled again, what a contagious smile, her eyes twinkles as her lips moves. I guess, I stared at her for some more time, she looked away through window.
The train halted at some station, outside some vendor selling snacks and some people from train got down for a walk. The food vendor was mixing stuffs with hands and giving away on news paper packets, dirty and unhealthy, I thought. Staying in US for so long has made me quiet hygienic now, I really cannot think of eating such food anymore.
“I love those roadside roomali Roti with mutter sabji, it tases awesome with raw onions, do you wanna taste” Her twinkling eyes gleaming with joy. Can I even say no to it, “Let’s try them, it’s been ages for me to try those stuffs” I found my voice so encouraging, we both got down from the train.
You see, we men are very simple, we want to see our ladies happy, even if we donot approve of few things. I mean, I would starve myself to death rather than eating those “Roomali Roti” from those never washed kind of hands.

Anyways, I ended up by finishing her awesome type of food asking for more, the girl was so right, it was so delicious !!! You should always listen to your girlfriend( is she “the one”). Some beggars came begging near me, I reached to my purse, “Dnt give them money” her tone was not so soft, she is not that kind hearted the way she looks, I thought. She went back to the “Roti” seller, bought few more and gave them to the beggars, they hesitated first but took it anyways. “In India, such beggars are planted on public places by mafias and they take the money from beggars at the end of the day. They are very cruel and they use them as emotional weapon to earn money, it’s better to give them only food” I slapped my brain for judging her so quickly, she’s amazing bro !!!
We chatted more now, bonding over food, she’s working in Delhi since 5 years now, going home after a gap of one year etc etc. I could see lots of eyes glued on her, felt bit proud as I am with her 😎😎.

The train signalled, we got into it, still talking.
“Let’s stay at the door for sometime and breathe some fresh air, the train will move though a forest area now” she proposed. God is so kind to me today, I thanked railways again and those unnamed forests too.

We are standing face to face now, hanging on the door and chatting, her long hair coming on her face, shes staring at the moon on the sky, it’s a full moon. “Moon is looking so pretty today” her eyes smiling. I am drowning in this moonlight, her face is gleaming, moonlight on her brown eyes, hair strands falling on her pinky cheeks, “I wish I were a poet” I dint realise how these words came out from my heart to my lips. She looked at me, “I am really sorry, just you are looking so amazing on this moonlight, I could not stop appreciating” she burst out of laughter. The forest started,She hold the door firmly and let herself feel the freshness of air leaning bit forward outside the door. I am standing just behind her, she turned back to me, “Breathe this Breeze, thank me later” I moved a bit closer to her, she smells divine like morning dewy flower of a winter day and she is right, I don’t remember last time I had this feeling of freshness in air.
A magical night, soft moonlight, soothing breeze on face and a wonderful companion, can I ask for more in my life !!! I felt like kissing her, softly on cheeks, on her hair, her lips and those sparkly eyes. It’s not lust, it’s a peaceful feeling of closeness, with someone your heart started synchronising slowly bit by bit and I am drowning, is this love???

“Let’s go back” she looked at me, my eyes were closed and I was in my best of imagination, “Ohh ok” Though I wanted to live in this moment for some more😌😌
We came back to our seats, she sat near the window looking outside. The moon is still pouring shine on her lovely face.
How will I forget this peaceful aura of this girl, it’s not only physical beauty anymore, it’s her presence, the way she smiles, utters her words softly in a mystic tone and the perfect kind of classy attitude with a kind hearted soul. Is she the one ❤️❤️❤️
She caught me looking at her, “ Do you wanna sit here, near me” I sat next to her, our hands are lying close, touching our pinky fingers. She dint remove her hands. My feelings soaring high, I placed my hands on hers, she looked at me, said nothing, came bit closer and I put my hands around her face. Our eyes are drunk, drunk in emotions of the moment, the peace and in rhythm of our hearts and we kissed slowly.Wow, is this for real or I am in some dream, I asked myself. We kissed again, again and again. I touched her hair, arms, she dint stop me, I touched some more while feeling her lips on mine. I kissed her neck, her ears, her shoulders, she moaned a little. She’s soft like cotton in a pillow, some silk threads and I am craving more to explore. I moved my hands to her back and hugged her tight, she came inside my arms still kissing me and we touched each other all over.

“There are few moments in life when you want to believe on love at first sight, I have this feeling right here now. I am saying love, I am not feeling to explore her physically, I am feeling a spiritual connection with her, peace at heart and abundant joy, a forever longing ness in my heart’s emptiness and I am letting myself drowned”

We kissed for some more, we shifted to one bed, I hugged her and she slept on my chest. We spoke nothing, just feeling the rest of the soothing night the way it went.
My alarm rang with an ugly breaking sound,it’s 4 AM. I will reach my destination in next half and hour. My sleeping beauty is still on my chest, her hair scattered all over my body and her innocent calm face is glowing with divine charm. I wish I could stop the time right there and stay like this, to hold her for the rest of my life.Reality sucks !!! “Good morning”I woke her up bit hesitantly, she opened her kohled brown eyes, I could see my world in those pupils now.
She sat down, I made myself ready to get off, checked all my belongings. Ok, next 10 minutes, I will reach.
“ Can I have your no please?? I will contact you and will meet up soon” my voice is bit stammered, emotions are high.
She gave me her number, she’s total silent, not a single word. May be she is still trying to absorb the night we had. I stood up,“ I have to go, my destination is here” she stood up, hold my hands and I hugged her tight. I dnt wanna leave her, I wanna be with her, know her more, be part of her life, make her my life( wanted to say wife).
I got down from the train, she waved me bye from the door, I watched her till she became invisible.
I am in tears now, my parents are waiting outside for my welcome, may be with few relatives.
How will I face everyone now, I am so much in pain to let her go, all I can think of her beautiful face with those sparkling eyes. I wanted to inhale those forest air again with her, hold her tight in my arms, make her sleep on my chest again,wait a minute, what’s her name?? Shit, I dnt even know her name yet. I feel stupid now, how will I ask her name, what will she think of me, some play boy for one night stand kind?? No, I can’t let it happen, I will call her and ask everything. Will confess also that I dint hear her name and say sorry but I will be true to her, no faking. I reached out to my mobile and dialled her number immediately,
“The number you are trying to reach does not exist” I dialled again, I counted the digits if I missed something, “The number you are trying to reach does not exist”
I dialled again, again and again and the computer voice repeated again and again!!!
She gave me an invalid number, she was not feeling anything??
The emotional high was only mine??
Those vibes of closeness were not mutual??
And in my mind words repeated again and again,

“Was she emotionally unavailable or emotionally intelligent”

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  1. They say if the reader can visualise and emmerse himself in the written words.. thats the true victory of a writer. I could see the train, the station, smell the snacks and feel the emotion. This truly is splendid work.

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