Spring that didn’t last !!!

Pic courtesy @pinterest

Here and Now

Sunlight bestowed the evergreen way,
Moon shimmers,
Dwindling gloomy night,
Stars twinkle in infinite blue universe,
Birdies chirping,
Far in those green sight.
Restless Oceans streaming sky horizon,
Days become months,
Years sliding on,
Springs of my life turning the pages,
Wondering meaning of life,
Or flying on my wings at the stages.

Golden old

Days of pristine innocence,
Snowy giggles and stainless glimpse,
Blessed zenith with eternal peace,
Happiness in abundance,
Closeness of bonding,
Ample dreams in honest hazel eyes.

Now and then

Time goes by,
Memories rolled for a toss,
Until history repeats with a pause.

I listened to the same old tunes,
Giggled over euphony of love notes,
Flutes of emotional rhythm swinging,
For Once again,
Closing eyes,
I let myself drowned in.

And I woke up as the thunder roars,
Storming with deep darkness,
Shaking every inch of my core.
Rain in my heart,
Splintered my soul,
Sparked droplets wrote story of sore.

The Moral

Time heals pain,
Love blossoms in color again,
Smiles glimmering in those wrinkles,
My Soul feels home and more sane.

Time kisses life with feather of reflection,
Reminiscing Memories of joy,
Tears hold every bitter truth,
Trust is precious, not to forget the lesson.
Looking at the mirror,
I talk to myself,
You are your own hero,
Not more than required,
Not a penny less.
Price paid for every learnt phases,
Facts remain the same throughout ages,
The key I was looking for many years,
Realising now,
The door was always open 😄😄😄

10 thoughts on “Spring that didn’t last !!!

  1. You’ve written beautifully enlightening soliloquy’s on the here and now; their importance, their charm in such an intricately and eloquent way. The images add to the charm much as the sun adds to a rivulet. Stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

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