Small talks for that “Charm”

EEA2F3B9-D672-4A22-B633-1B6D8418CA4AHey there, today I wanna write on a topic of everyone’s interest i.e Beauty Rituals. As you know, it’s always good to maintain few bare minimum necessities which go a long way altogether !!!

I have listed down few basic things that helped me throughout.

In today’s world, everyone is very much career oriented and wants to look presentable on daily basis. So, here are few easy ways I try to follow on my day to day life.

  • Honey lemon water: Start my day with lemon honey warm water. I religiously follow this rule and trust me it’s the best way to start a day. I travel a lot for my work and it really gives me tough time to follow daily routine while travelling. During those days, I drink 2 glasses of warm water instead and yes this helps to some extent as well.
  • Fasting: I love junk food a lot and Chinese is my all time favourite. Clean eating is essential but it’s really difficult for me to resist junk. To minimise the damage,I try to detox in my way and  stay healthy. I do a detox fast every Monday and drink water,fruit juices, smoothies etc for 12 hours. There is no scientific theory behind it but I certainly got benefit out of it. I have been doing this since years now and it helps me in remaining in my shape as well.
  • Gram flour or Chickpea flour : Key to every beauty issues, trust me!!! You got tanned, use them with lemon juice, curd and tomato pulp on affected area. You need a scrub, make a paste with sandal wood powder and curd/ lemon juice along with it. Facial is not my thing at all and I use gram flour with any other ingredient for my face pack. It worked for me always 😊😊
  • Workout : It’s a must. You need to push yourself if you long for the natural glow and a good figure. And yes, if you wanna be toned with no flab, weight training is the only solution. I enjoy jogging more than going to Gym and try to workout atleast 2 days in a week.
  • Facial exercise: Once you hit 30, include face yoga or facial exercise in your routine. Best part, you can do it anywhere and any time. I do it in cab, at home, during office hours etc. It keeps your lines at bay and also reduces puffiness to some extent. Here is the link
  • Switch to herbal products: The more we stay away from chemicals, more we are close to nature.On personal front, I am not a big fan of too much make up or cosmetics anyways.I have switched to herbal products as much as I can and I am seeing result slowly.
  • Night cream : Last but not the least, invest in a good night cream. It’s recommended to start at 20’s only. Our skin faces the world whole day. It’s a must to give it a bit rejuvenation therapy at night. Just clean your face and use night cream before you sleep. I am sure, no one will repent on this 😊😊😊. Here’s a link

These few things I try to follow in my daily routine. I am pretty sure, everyone knows rest of things like drinking lots of water, keeping stress at bay, Smile more etc. One sentence for all “ You feel more confident when you know you are presentable”. That’s my Mantra !!!!


Can love happens twice ❤️😍

AB09D7B4-386B-4501-A628-6A32F8414B56.pngPeople around me are continuously talking, my parents, Jolly Aunty and Shibu uncle, Jolly aunty’s neighbour uncle Aunty( how will I know their names🙄) and few more new faces(of uncle and aunties). I am actually getting too bored and feeling like blood is coming out of my ears( literally). Anyways, I am trying to check few magazines lying on coffee table.

I am on my final year of engineering and came home after my 7th Semester break. I kept my this vacation kind of free unlike my previous ones, I have a job in my hand already and joining immediately after my 8th semester. So this is my last vacation I really wanna chill a bit before putting myself in corporate shoes.

Jolly Aunty and Shibu uncle were our neighbours since my childhood and are very close to us. We shifted to a new place but the bonding remained strong always. It’s a mandate for me to come for breakfast, lunch and dinner minimum twice during my vacation at hometown. We have come here today for some “Pooja”( holistic rituals) and are waiting for the Bhog( Food 😋) that will be served right after the rituals. So, I am surrounded by so many people I dnt know and desperately waiting to go back home.

I am looking around impatiently counting the no of paintings and showpieces in hall, suddenly then, I met a pair of eyes 👀. That pair is staring at me directly, I Look away and look back again, whoa!! It still staring at  me and smiling too.

Dear, did you meet Ryan yet?? His family recently shifted to our neighbourhood, my mother introduced. I shake my hands with the pair of eyes and he winked at me 😉.I took a pause, yes I know this thing, guys being over smart around girls !!!

Ryan came near me grinning, so you are soon to be engineer ha !!! I faked a smile, “ Yes and what about you?? His voice became bit gentle “ I am into sports, Cricket”. Back in those days, sports and other curricular activities are just hobbies, not career. I am already having bit superiority complex now 😎.

Food is here and started gorged in my favourite stuffs. I stay in hostel and 1.5 days by train away from my home. I miss all Assamese foods and I am really not interested in wasting my “Foodie Moments” over some “Time Pass” cricketers. I filled my plate and looking for a corner seat so no one sees how much I am eating. I am looking around around and once again met those eyes 🙄. Ryan already reserved a seat for me and he’s calling me by name.

Ok, I am dating a guy already and I kind of started thinking about him seriously. In this phase, I am really not interested in someone else who hits on me and I dnt wish to entertain him at all. I looked at Ryan, he is really good looking though !!! In red polo T-shirt and Chinos, he looks really cute. I cannot not see any other seat and finally sit down next to him. We start our real conversation and yes I find him charming a bit  now ☺️

I called my guy at night once I reached home, we talk everyday before sleeping. I told him about Ryan and the whole evening incident. My guy is really very chilled out and just “Laughed out Loud”

Woke up bit late, had my favourite breakfast and am reading “ Can love happens twice”by Ravinder Singh,sleeping on my couch. It’s the best feeling of the world when you have nothing to do and get served your food by mom anytime you want.

I heard some noise outside, came to my balcony, some children in my campus are fighting and shouting. Ignoring, I looked far on roads, Ryan is coming towards our building. He is yet to see me in balcony but I can see him totally. He is in blue cricket uniform with Bat in one hand and holding his bag in another hand. Man !!! He looks really good in that. I remember my guy played for our college and I went to stadium for cheering him up. He dint look so good, I thought. Hey you, Ryan smiled at me from down,I smiled him back( not fake). We stay in first floor, so it’s easy to talk from balcony with someone standing in ground floor. “ How was your match” “ we could not win, but I hit a century” “Ohh, that’s sad, you wanna come for some coffee??” “ that would be great” Ryan came upstairs, my mom likes him a lot anyways and now she liked I am chatting with him. We had coffee and lot more chatting about stuffs.

Next morning, I have an appointment with Dentist and I am already late. I had my  bath and came out wrapped in my towel, now searching for my clothes. “Mom, can you come please, I have nothing to wear”. “ Can I help you” it’s Ryan’s voice!!! He is standing right behind me. Ok, we chatted a lot yesterday and also I hugged him when he left. But I really cannot tolerate any guy to enter in my bedroom that too when I am just in a towel !!!! I am red in anger now 😡, unable to understand how to react. “ Get out of my room, how dare you” I shut my door on his face. He is kind of shocked seeing this “So not me” side. “ I am really sorry but you should have shut down your door right??” “ just get out and see me never” I blasted on top of my voice.

I called up my guy and explained him the whole incident. To my surprise, he started laughing saying that lucky Ryan !!! I am like really, you are not angry a bit even? He said he’s all cool about it. I doubt myself now, my guy is serious about me or not??

My vacation is over and here I am packing my baggage. My mother stuffs my bags with all my favourite food items almost for a year kind. I am struggling to fit everything and my mother called me. I came to our living room and saw Ryan sitting with his mom. We did not speak after that incident though. My mom and his mom resumed talking and  Ryan came to me. “I am really sorry, it was not intentional at all. Please forgive me, I am not a bad guy you think of” I looked at him, he is really cute with that black T-shirt. “ it’s ok, I am sorry too, I overreacted”. I smiled. He hold my hands and look at my eyes “ You know I liked you on the first day I met you” he looks so innocent now, I leaned back to him and kissed him on his cheeks. He blushed and kissed back on my cheeks. Ryan’s mom looked at us “ So all ok between you two now?” We both nodded and giggled.

“All my bags are packed and I am ready to go, Kiss me and smile for me, hold me like you never let me go”

My Dad is waiting outside in car and blowing horn. My mom is all in tears and me too. We always cry when I leave home after my vacation. I am standing near my building gate and hugged my mother. Ryan came from somewhere and hugged me tight, “ I am not letting you go, what will I do here without you, take me with you too if you are leaving” I have no words now, I am really falling for him, who will not?? My brother, standing next to me making fun of him “ who will play cricket and break our window glasses then? And who is going to be the captain of “ School cricket team”

I hugged and kissed him and said good bye with tears in my eyes. Really gonna miss this “Lil Stud” a lot. And yes for me his age will be “Seven” always ☺️☺️☺️