Let’s Talk about it !!!

Another year is about to roll on in few more days, hours and moments.

An eventful year of ups and downs, twists and turns, surprises and shocks, learning and lessons, love and trust etc.

I was reading few blogs today and found a dozens of year ending thoughts, learning, way forward, resolution to follow in 2020 etc. it’s interesting !!! It’s good to read how people envisaged 2019, perceived at the end and the lessons. Its amazing to see beautiful illustration of thoughts, mindfulness,opinions & views. We tend to analyse every situation in a way where we make ourselves guilt free and comfortable.

Well, while it’s easy to jot down feelings, narrate stories etc, I wonder, why it’s difficult in expressing it in person???

Why we are unable to communicate our inner thoughts to others??

What holds us to start a meaningful conversation even with our loved ones??

Who started the rule “ Dnt talk to strangers” and why???

I am sitting at Delhi airport, I have a flight to Mumbai in an hour, so I am just sitting and observing people around( which is my one weird hobby). A friend from my earlier organisation called me, “Hey, I wanna know something from you” .“Go ahead” I responded “ how to start conversations with new people you meet?? I have joined a new company and struggling to talk to people around. I have no friends here and I eat my lunch alone everyday. Please advise” I took a pause, “ let me think and revert to you, dnt worry we will figure out something” she hung up with assurance.

I love talking to people, expressing my views, knowing their stories, listening to them and I am good at advising too. I can talk to anyone about anything irrespective of age,religion or any other parameter. For all my friends, I am their “Agony Aunt”.

Coming back to the basic question, how to communicate, what to talk and how to start??

With years of experience in dealing with people, I have come to an conclusion, there are few basic tips to initiate conversation.Here are my few thoughts which may be useful for beginners.


“Smile is the beautiful curve on face where joy meets happiness”

Have you observed “ Air hostesses” when you board a flight, they greet everyone with their beautiful smile, saying hello. No matter, how stressed you are, you respond with a smile back. Yes, that’s the answer.

Just Smile. The more you smile, more you feel good about things, more you spread happiness. However, it’s easy to distinguish between an artificial and a natural smile. Artificial smile is the movement of your lips only without stressing much of your facial muscle. A natural smile immediately lit up the complete face, stressed wrinkle near eyes and and face looks prettier 😌😌

Next time, you meet anyone, put a natural smile and see the positive response.

Touch :

“Touch has the power to govern human life with love “

Touch gently the other person untill it’s a very formal interaction. When you touch someone with a positive vibe, the good energy gets mutually transmitted within two of you. It’s a very kind gesture when you touch politely, on arms or pat shoulder, hug softly. However, don’t overdo it or be over friendly with touch.


“We are in a world where we listen not to understand but to reply back”.

Yes it’s harsh reality.I,myself was in lack of this quality and I have been practising this a lot now. When you listen someone carefully, you will be able to analyse the situation of the person more analytically. The more you listen, more you grasp and more appropriate your responses will be. Trust me, people normally don’t come for a solution, they want you to hear them out. Listening has the ability to change the way you think and look at the world. So talk less, listen more ☺️☺️


“Kindness is an act which makes believe in goodness of people”

Try to be kind to people to understand where they stand and why. It’s easy to judge anyone rather than putting their shoes on your own feet. So, let’s be kind as much as we can be. Kindness spreads happiness around you and a positive vibe which imbibes people towards you.

I called my friend and explained her these 4 things to try on. I am keeping my finger crossed to see if she could get benefitted out of it.

It’s an universal truth, the more you communicate, the more clear your ideas are to everyone. Personally, I believe,why not to tell people directly in a subtle way how you feel about any situation. It clears out confusion and helps in solving out many issues within.

Few more days to go, a “Brand New Year” awaits for everyone with new hope, promises and new learning.

Let’s try to be more verbal with people around and make things easier than before !!!

Happy New Year Everyone, Keep Smiling !!!

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